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“Unreached of the Day" is a fast-paced, daily one minute episode providing an opportunity to learn about and pray for the unreached ethnic people groups of the world with the fewest followers of Jesus.

The podcast is produced by Advancing Your Vision for the Unreached, Fort Worth, Texas USA and is hosted by Mark Kordic.

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Ⓟ 2019 Advancing Your Vision for the Unreached, Fort Worth, Texas, USA


Jan 31, 2019

The Gospel of grace, found only through Jesus Christ, is difficult for people with this background to comprehend and accept.

The Bible and many good tools such as the Jesus film are available in the language of these people. Pray for workers.

Pray for the believers among this people, that they will hunger and thirst for...

Jan 30, 2019

Mali is not a hospitable region for Christian workers. Creative means of access from outsiders are needed.

A low literacy rate suggests the need for oral communication of the Gospel message. Stories from Scripture, and Gospel recordings and videos, can be very helpful.

There may be a few followers of Christ among the...

Jan 28, 2019

Access to these people is limited. Pray for creative ways for Christians to minister to them.

Gospel radio is very helpful in this region that is difficult for outsiders to access.

Pray for the few followers of Christ to cling strongly to Jesus and not be discouraged as they face trials. Pray they will learn to speak to...

Jan 27, 2019

The Abazinians in Egypt have managed to become part of Egypt's elite. For many generations they have inter-married with the movers and shakers of Egypt, the largest and in some ways the most influential country in the Arabic-speaking world.

People groups that have much power, prestige and wealth are usually not...

Jan 26, 2019

The Gujarati of Tanzania may well have an insular mindset, desiring to protect their culture from those very different cultures around them. This mindset may make it especially difficult to find believing hearts.

Christian workers should be alert to the caste and tribe boundaries within the Gujarati. These may be...